Monday, February 25, 2013

People With Diabetes Can Eat Anything

A few years back I reconnected with a friend I'd met at the Clara Barton Camp for girls with Diabetes. Jane Dickinson had been a counselor and I was a CIT (counselor-in-training) when we met back in the 80's. I had not seen or heard from Jane for over 20 years until I reconnected with her via the DOC - Diabetes Online Community. The reunion was wonderful. 

Through many communications online and on the phone Jane told me she was writing a book about diabetes. Jane says "It’s a book about living well with diabetes, and it’s about strength. The book is for people who have diabetes – from the newly diagnosed to veterans – and for those without. It’s for caregivers and health care professionals, too." 

I was very honored when Jane asked me to design the cover of her book and now I am very pleased to announce that the book is available for sale.


You can learn more about Jane and her book here.

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Jane K. said...

I am so glad we re-connected! The DOC has certainly made this small world even smaller. It is not clear from your comment how much work you put into designing the cover for People With Diabetes Can Eat Anything. I truly appreciate your ideas, artistic talents, and support. Thank you! And I'm glad you are back :).